Pops in the Park Sunday

Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

The early bird gets the best parking space at the annual Parks in the Park Celebration and for the rest, well its best to make sure to bring your Fitbit. You are going to be getting a lot of steps in Sunday.
Thousands of people will be heading to Comanche Trail Park for the annual Pops in the Park July 3 Celebration that will feature a large fireworks display and patriotic concert by the Big Spring Symphony. It’s held in the park’s amphitheater. That also means event organizers will be handling heavy traffic issues.
Volunteers will be out around 4 p.m. to begin overseeing parking at the Russ McEwen Aquatic Center, the first parking zone of six designated for the event.
“Once we fill up zone one, we will begin parking at the softball field until that zone fills up,” said Big Spring Police Lt. Brian Gordon. “The later people come the farther away the available parking will be. We will continue parking until the park is at capacity and then we will close the park.”
On average, the park is usually at capacity around 30 minutes before the fireworks show is scheduled to begin, Gordon said. At capacity means there are no more parking spaces available, Gordon explained. The roadways must stay open to allow emergency vehicles the ability in and out of the park.
A limited number of spaces are available for handicapped parking for vehicles with a state issued placard or plate.