Prospectors Club makes plans for show

Staff Writer

The Big Spring Prospectors Club will hold its 48th Annual Gem and Mineral Show March 4 and 5 at the Howard County Fair Barn.
“We have a lot of activity going on,” said Lola Lamb, the club’s secretary/treasurer. “We have a working demonstration, a girl showing how to make glass beads. We have the spinning wheel for the kids and the grownups too. We have a silent auction, which goes on for an hour and if your bid wins you get that rock, and then it starts over again. We have a door prize every hour on the hour. Besides all the displays. We have displays from our neighboring clubs in Midland and Lubbock, and then of course our own local club members display some of the stuff they make.”
Lamb said wearable jewelry, static art pieces, and other items will be on display at the show.