Recycling project presented to city council

Staff Writer

A group of students from the professional communications class at Big Spring High School presented a recycling project to the city council during Tuesday’s meeting.
The recycling project presented by the students included research the students had done on recycling, as well as tests they conducted.
“Its one of the most impressive presentations that I think we’ve had,” said Mayor Larry McLellan. “You know we learn a lot of things from our kids from the younger generation.”
The students’ presentation brought a full house and seats had to be pulled out from the back to accommodate the larger-than-normal audience.
“Maybe there’s something we could do right now to get started,” said District 4’s Jim DePauw. “We’ve got that aluminum can trailer somewhere. If we could get that set up in the high school parking lot or something y’all could start recycling cans.”
Several council members commended the class on the presentation and the teacher also mentioned the students wrote several letters to the city concerning recycling. She planned to distribute the letters amongst the council members to look over.