Richardson new operations manager for KBEST media

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Staff Writer

The new operations manager at Big Spring’s KBEST media wears several hats.
Hired to the job Dec. 5, Mark Richardson comes to the position from the world of Boy Scouting, where he was a professional employee with the local Buffalo Trail Council. Now in addition to his new job in the world of radio, Richardson is continuing on as a volunteer with the Scouts; he’s the longtime assistant troop master for Big Spring’s Troop 5, and two weeks ago was named District Chairman for Buffalo Trail’s Lone Star district.
Richardson said his experience with the Scouts has a few tie-ins with his new job.
“My primary responsibility is to manage the three radio stations,” Richardson said. “Make sure that we have the staff, that we’re on the air, that we’re financially sound, and that we’re able to be the very best at bringing current information, news, as well as music, to this whole area. And to do it with a passion unmatched by anybody else, and to do it with a level of integrity that the people who own this station not only want but deserve. I think the lessons I’ve learned in management translate very well, because the last, oh, 9 to 12 years, I’ve been in management with the Boy Scouts. It actually helps that sometimes that management has been summer camp, because there were times I was managing over 100 people at a time."
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