Rotary governor speaks at local club

HERALD photo/Robert Barlow
Robert Barlow
Staff Writer

The Rotary District 5730 Governor, Charles Starnes, attended the Big Spring Rotary Club meeting held on Friday to discuss a little bit about what the Rotary organization is currently doing and what they have accomplished, as well as what they hope to do in the future.
“You in this club, with your local community projects, your interactions through business, you do in fact make a difference, it's true,” said Starnes. “When we look at how we make a difference, we make a difference because Rotary Clubs made up of you Rotarians, with your' ideas, and your assessment of what the community needs, you're the ones who make Rotary the world’s leading humanitarian organization.”
Starnes also went on to talk about the impact the Rotary organization has had on getting rid of the polio virus, having only eight reported cases of “wild” polio this year, Starnes stated the goal is to continue with the progress and eradicate the disease.