Runnels Academy 'Meet the Teacher' slated Aug. 27

Staff Writer

Runnels Academy will hold its “Meet the Teacher” and orientation on Monday, Aug. 27.
This is a great opportunity to bring your kids down, meet their teachers for the upcoming school year, and get acquainted with the building. With Runnels' school year starting only two days later on the 29th of August, this is an important step and gives the students and teachers time to learn a little about each other, while going over some of the school's procedures.
“We'll go over all of our school policies, what to expect throughout the year, and much more,” Head of the School Jenny Bryans said. “We're excited to be here in Big Spring. We're excited to be offering this type of education in families in our community, and we're absolutely thrilled that these families chose to be apart of our organization."
The school will be open for the public to see in the near future to look at all the amazing renovations that have taken place for the new year.
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