Salvation Army needs help with holiday dinner

Thanksgiving. Perhaps no other word is more effective for conjuring up visions of families gathered together, not only in prayer, thanking God for the blessings he’s bestowed on them, but around an impressive larder of homemade foods.Unfortunately for many, Thanksgiving is not such a time. Some find themselves alone and homebound. Others are too far from family and do not have the time off or money available to travel long-distance. And still others simply don’t enjoy having plenty of anything and find themselves in need.And that’s why the local Salvation Army is in the process of preparing to serve up hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners on Nov. 25.Capts. Ed and Terrie Cheshire say their office is already getting calls inquiring about the local charity’s annual Thanksgiving dinner — most, so far, from homebound people in the community asking for delivered meals.And that means the Salvation Army is currently seeking local residents willing to take a little time from their holiday to volunteer and help others.“It really is just an immense amount of work and has to be done in a fairly short period of time," Ed Cheshire noted.Volunteers are an integral part of the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving feast, providing everything from kitchen help to delivering meals."Our volunteers are absolutely vital to that process," Cheshire added. "We have groups that come in just about every year and help, and this year we're hoping to see some new faces as well. Giving your time and volunteering during Thanksgiving really gives you a new perspective on the holiday.”There’s nothing difficult about volunteering — you simply show up at the corps building, located at 811 W. Fifth St., on Wednesday morning at 9 and help out. The Cheshires say they'll be happy to put you to work.Anyone needing additional information about how they can help, or wanting to schedule a meal delivery on Thanksgiving, should call the Salvation Army’s corps office at 267-8239.We here at the Herald encourage those who can to lend the Salvation Army a hand.What better way could there be to realize just what you have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving?