Salvation Army ready for community feast

Crossroads residents looking to fill their Thanksgiving quotas of turkey and dressing won't have to wait long, as the Big Spring Salvation Army hosts its annual holiday meal Thursday.While prep work for the meal actually began Tuesday — with the breadth of the work expected to be completed this afternoon — the dinner won't be ready until Thursday morning, according to Salvation Army Capt. Terri Cheshire, when Salvation Army staff and a slew of volunteers lay out the turkey and trimmings.“Things are getting done at a really good rate so far, so we're really pleased with the way it's going. There's no doubt we're blessed,” Cheshire said. “The bulk of the work actually gets done today, when we'll be peeling all of the potatoes, boning the turkeys and getting as much of the work done as possible before Thursday morning.”Cheshire said several local civic groups are expected to volunteer their time to make the Thanksgiving feast a success, but more help is always welcome around the local charity's kitchen.“It really is just an immense amount of work, and it has to be done in a fairly short period of time,” said Cheshire. “Our volunteers are absolutely vital to that process. We have groups that come in just about every year and help, and this year we're hoping to see some new faces as well. Giving your time and volunteering during Thanksgiving really gives you a new perspective on the holiday.”Volunteers will begin delivering meals to homebound residents aabout 9 a.m. Thursday.“We'll be delivering meals to those who can't make it here to the Salvation Army office for dinner,” Cheshire said. “However, we need to get a solid count of how many meals will need to be delivered. We're asking people who need a meal delivered to call before 4 p.m. Wednesday to make arrangements.”This year's holiday menu will be filled with traditional Thanksgiving fare.