Sheriff/EMS 2-22

The Howard County Sheriff's Office reported the following activity (68 prisoners were reported in the county jail):• RYAN ANTHONY GONZALES, 23, was jailed on a charge of criminal mischief over $50 but less than $500.• JAMES CRAIG NORMAN, 45, was jailed on a charge of reckless driving.• KRYSTAL M. CERVANTES, 24, was jailed on warrants charging bail jumping, failure to appear, no seat belt and a warrant from another agency.• THEODORE DIAZ JR., 40, was jailed on a federal probation violation warrant.• RUBEN GONZALES, 47, was jailed on warrants for failure to yield, failure to stop at an intersection, expired motor vehicle registration and no seat belt.• SALVADOR GUTIERREZ PEREZ, 41, was jailed on a charge of public intoxication.• SONNY TORRES, CARRILLO, 35, was jailed on a motion to revoke probation for resisting arrest or search.• ISAAC J. TARIN, 20, was jailed on a charge of public intoxication.• ISAAC NATHAN RIOS, 22, was jailed on a charge of evading arrest or detention and traffic warrants, parole violation warrant and a Midland County warrant.The Big Spring Fire Department/Emergency Medical Service reported the following activity:• STRUCTURE FIRE was reported in the 5600 block of E. Interstate 20.