The silver screen in the golden west

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Staff Writer

How many movie theaters are there in Big Spring? Although there’s only one currently in operation, the Cinemark Cinema 4 in the Spring Town Plaza, the town has had many theaters over the years. At the Chuck Wagon annual meeting held by the Big Spring Heritage Museum April 6, museum executive committee President James Johnston gave a slide show presentation on Big Spring history, focusing on the city’s connection to the big screen.
“I like the movie business because it’s so interesting and such a part of the fabric of our community,” Johnston said. “It was pioneered here, so I want to study that. A lot of things got started here for the business. Everyone has a story about it. It’s a common thread through this community. Yeah, I love to research that. I find new things about it every day.”
In addition to his gig at the museum, Johnston has written a couple of books on Big Spring history: “Crossroads Canaan: A Texas Town in the Jazz Age,” and “Movies and Magic Houses in a West Texas Whereabouts.” Both books are available through the Heritage Museum of Big Spring.

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