Slow down!

We don’t know why it is that bad weather brings out the worst in drivers, but it seems that it always does. Some people just don’t understand that when there is water, snow or ice on the road, it is prudent to slow down.We all know there was snow on the ground this morning and if you were listening to your radio, you knew conditions were poor enough that public schools in the area canceled classes. Despite the obvious, law enforcement personnel and EMS were literally making their way from one accident to another. There were numerous mishaps in town, north and south of us on U.S. Highway 87 and, of course, along Interstate 20 — particularly to the west. Most of those accidents, we suspect, were avoidable. Someone used poor judgement or no judgement at all. That was the situation in one advisory over the police scanner that warned an 18-wheeler was heading down I-20 at 70 miles per hour, skidding all over the road. What kind of idiot does that?Driving in poor weather requires all of our skills, all of our attention. It is necessary to anticipate there is ice under the snow, or the possibility of a slick spot up ahead.We have to anticipate the “other guy” might not be as skillful as we are. Don’t count on him or her being able to stop.Beware the four-wheeler superdrivers who think this is a great time to show off their “toy.” These jerks seem to delight in roaring past others, spewing snow and ice all over the place.If you are getting on the road during the next few days, remember to take your time. Leave early if you need to. Above all, just slow down.Afterall, getting there late is a heck of a lot better than not getting there at all.