SM Energy employees give hands-on help

HERALD photo/Robert Barlow
Staff Writer

The YMCA is now able to introduce a new program for children 18 months to 2 years, thanks to a donation from SM Energy.
A newly renovated classroom will be the start of a new program that will hopefully put a dent in an issue residents of the area are facing.
“Some of the centers here in town, I know one center in particular has a waiting list until 2019, so if you have a kiddo and you need to go to work, there’s no place for the kiddos to go,” said Dathan Jones, Executive Director of the YMCA. “So either one of the parents has to stay at home or they go to grandma or grandpa, they have to find someone to watch them.”
SM Energy donated $5,000, which went to paint, tools, and toys for the classroom. However, in addition to donating the money, several SM Energy employees are also helping with part of the renovations themselves.
“In addition to us giving the money, what we wanted to do was actually dedicate some of our time,” said Kate Noble, external affairs advisor for SM Energy.
“It’s always easy to write a check and give money, but when you actually put your hands on it you get to see it come to life,” added Jones.