Sometimes we just need to ignore the situation

Life is full of unexpected surprises. That is one fact which can’t be ignored. As I have said before everything happens for a reason, but the question that people often forget, including myself, is what is the reason? There are certain situations that make us realize just how blessed we are to have the blessings we do have. Whether it be our family, friends, job, health or anything else we consider to be a blessing and make our lives that much more bearable. Then again there are those situations that stop us in our tracks, make us open our eyes and force us to see those things we try so hard to ignore. Those situations can include our financial worries and the causes behind them, depression, isolation or any other negative aspect of our lives we just can’t seem to shake. Then there are those circumstances, happenings or divine intervention — whatever you may call it — that just make us stop and ask the questions, “What does this mean and what do I do?”It’s the situation that makes you realize you should be thankful for so much, but at the same time makes you realize just how much more you could have. It is the situation that proposes the thought of what would or could happen if you took a different route. It makes us question, what if what I think is enough really isn’t enough or what if the things I believe are right really aren’t. Basically, it makes us doubt our ability to choose the right path.How are we to know the path we are choosing is the path we are meant to be on?Is it possible that there are things that fall into our laps, whether it be people, opportunities or obstacles, that we are meant to ignore? Is it possible that there are things happening in our lives simply to see if we will continue on the path we have been so certain about or if we will vear off of that path just because the doubt becomes too much?No matter how wonderful life may seem, I am almost certain it is safe to say, each and everyone of us has something in our past that we question. There is that moment, that one decision that led us down the path we are on and brought us to where we are at that if a different decision would have been made could have altered our entire course. Watching the Lifetime channel, especially during Christmas time, many of the movies focus on second chances, redos and what if we had another chance ... Would we make the same decision we made the first time? I admit, when watching those movies I often find myself realizing things about my own life that I probably otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.As my readers and anyone who knows me knows, I am one of those who questions what if for so many circumstances. Just because our lives seem to be taking the path we thought we wanted doesn’t always mean we are on the path we want or truly desire. Sometimes, we spend so much time trying to choose the right path and follow what we think we are meant to accomplish that we forget what we are truly after. We forget what it is we want out of life and what we consider to be a successful and complete life. As I told someone the other day, there are moments when I realize I have been striving so hard and for so long to meet the expectations of so many others that I find myself wondering what it is I want. There are moments when I realize I am truly blessed to have the friends I do, the family I do and the opportunities I have had, but then again I do, at times, find myself stopping dead in my tracks and analyzing the situation and asking ‘Is this what I want?’ It’s sad to say that more often than not, I can’t answer the question. Success is defined as accomplishment of aim or purpose or the attainment of popularity of profit. And yet we are left with, whose purpose or aim is it that we are aiming for?Contact Staff Writer Amanda Moreno by email at or by calling the office at 432-263-7331.