Spearman’s Meddock, defense ends CHS’ season

PLAINVIEW — By the middle of Coahoma’s bi-district playoffs game against Spearman Friday in Plainview, the Bulldogs knew if they were going to win, it was going to be in comeback fashion.All the pieces started fitting together for that to happen, too. Jason Martinez punched the ball in for a score to cut the Lynx lead to 13, Coahoma’s defense forced a three-and-out on the next drive and suddenly, the Bulldogs were driving down the field for a second score.Then Spearman’s Jose Mendoza made a play, snatched an interception and any hopes of Coahoma extending its memorable season ended. It was one of many plays the Lynx made for the 27-7 win Friday.“I knew we were going to have to stop them,” Coahoma head coach Trey Gardner said. “I knew time was going to be critical. When we throw the pick in the early fourth, we knew that was going to be a big deal because we needed to score there and cut it to one score.”Spearman’s defense, time of possession and Cameron Meddock were key in this one. The Bulldogs elected to stick with their philosophy and run the ball with multiple tailbacks. The problem was that it never got going until late in the third quarter, resulting in Martinez’s score.Gardner said before Friday’s game Spearman’s 3-3 stack would make it tough to find holes to run through.That wasn’t the case with Meddock. Spearman’s standout running back had 24 carries for 171 yards and one touchdown. Gardner said it was the Lynx offensive line that made things easier for Meddock and harder for Coahoma’s defense to get off the field. Coahoma defensive back Pete Acosta said the ground attack was truly the one thing the Bulldogs had a hard time handling.“We came out I guess kind of underestimating them, but we played hard and played to the end of the whistle,” he said. “It came out the wrong way.”