Spreading thankfulness

HERALD file photo of Christy Brownfield standing by the Big Spring Center for Skilled Care sign
Amber Mansfield
Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time known for being thankful, and of course all of the food, but what about those who may not get the opportunity to have a turkey meal with their family and friends like the majority of others do? Well for those who may not have a hot meal prepared for them this Thanksgiving, Big Spring Center for Skilled Care (BSCSC) along with P.J Dominguez, League of United Latin America Citizens, will open its arms to the community for their annual Thanksgiving Feast, scheduled for Thursday, November 14.
“It really is just an immense amount of work, and it has had to be done in a fairly short period of time,” Christy Brownfield of BSCSC said. “We could still use some sponsors to help us with our Thanksgiving Feast.”

For the full story and additional information regarding BSCSC's feast, please see Monday's edition of the Herald.