Syria, Obamacare, government, topics U.S. Rep. addresses here

If anyone was wondering what U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer has been up to, they had an opportunity to find out at the town hall meeting “Listening Session” held Tuesday morning.With his little red wagon in tow, Neugebauer addressed several issues submitted by his constituents at the meeting — including Syria, gun control, healthcare and government intervention.As there is growing unrest in Syria and speculation of its use of biochemical weapons, much of the town hall meeting was focused on the role of the U.S. in that country's civil war. Neugebauer presented his opinion of the situation as being against any uninformed action. “I'm not overly interested in getting the U.S. involved in civil wars,” Neugebauer said. He elaborated on the situation by saying, “If Syria bombs Israel that will escalate the U.S. response.” The congressman said that he is “proud” that Washington agreed to receive feedback on the issue from Congress before making a decision and made his stance clear by saying that he thinks that the U.S. should not be the police department for the whole world.“We pushed Egypt into democracy and then they went and elected somebody we don't like,” said Neugebauer.With no definitive proof that Syria used biochemical weapons, but has made threats to potential opposition, Neugebauer said that any decision made by the federal government should be an informed one. Neugebauer opined on the environment of wars being fought now are different than those of the past. “There is no frontline anymore,” he said. “We used to know who the enemy was, who we were fighting. Now they’re all over and they’re infiltrating our borders.”