Taking the Word to those truly in need

Courtesy photo
Amanda Elston
Managing Editor

The former pastor of Spring Tabernacle Mona Lou Tonn takes scripture seriously in all aspects of her life, evident by the many ministries Tonn has taken on such as her church and food pantry. But there is one ministry that Tonn has taken on that she is especially passionate about – prison ministry.
Last Friday, Tonn, accompanied by a handful of others, baptized over 40 prisoners at the Howard County Jail.
Tonn’s journey with the jail started more than nine years ago when the jail first opened only steps away from her church. Where some may have seen a nuisance, Tonn saw an opportunity.
“I started doing the prison ministry when they opened the jail,” said Tonn. “(Sheriff) Stan Parker invited me to minister to the girls, and I did that for over a year.”
Later Tonn was able to expand the ministry to the men.