TEA: Improvement needed at BSISD

Accountability wise, work remains to be done at Big Spring Independent School District.Three years after being tagged as “academically unacceptable” by the Texas Education Agency, BSISD fared little better In the revamped state accountability rankings — Big Spring was one of 80 school districts or charters in the state to receive a a rating of “improvement required,” the lowest of three possible ratings.Almost 93 percent of school districts in the state received a “met standards” ranking, TEA officials said.Under the new TEA system, districts, campuses and charters received one of three ratings under the new accountability system: Met Standard; Met Alternative Standard; or Improvement Required.At the campus level, Big Spring High School was the only local school to receive a “met standard” rating — all others received an “improvement required” label.The revised TEA ratings are based on a system that uses various indicators to provide greater detail on the performance of a district and each individual campus throughout the state than previous years, Education Commissioner Michael Williams said. The performance index framework includes four areas:• Student Achievement – Represents a snapshot of overall performance across all subjects by the entire student body.• Student Progress – Monitors how students improve from one school year to the next. Growth is evaluated by subject and student group and includes results from all students, student groups by race/ethnicity, English language learners and special education students.• Closing Performance Gaps – Emphasizes improving academic achievement of the economically disadvantaged student group and the lowest performing race/ethnicity student groups at each campus or district.• Post-secondary Readiness – Includes measures of high school completion, and beginning in 2014, State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) performance at the post-secondary readiness standard. Districts and campuses with students in grade 9 or above must meet targets on all four indexes. Districts and campuses with students in Grade 8 or lower must meet targets on the first three indexes (excluding Post-secondary Readiness).District-wide, BSISD was rated as having met standards in all but one category — Closing Performance Gaps. Campus results include:• Big Spring High School — Met Standard in all four categories.• Big Spring Junior High — Met Standard in two of three categories.• Goliad Elementary — Met Standard in one of three categories.• Marcy Elementary — Improvement Required in all categories.• Moss Elementary — Met Standard in two of three categories.• Washington Elementary — Met Standard in one of three categories.Other Howard County school districts fared much better in the ratings. Both Coahoma and Forsan received “met standard” rankings at the district level and at all campuses.