Teams forming for Relay

Just Relay — that’s the theme for Relay For Life 2012. “This year ACS (American Cancer Society) is encouraging us to go back to the basics and that’s what we are trying to do,” Howard Stewart, team coordinator chairman for Relay 2012, said. Blankenship Field will again be the venue, after scheduling issues eliminated the use of Memorial Stadium, for the April 20-21 event. Teams are encouraged to decorate their areas in any shape, form or fashion related to sports. For those wanting a spot on the field this year, reservations need to be made. Spaces will be $150 for a 10-yard by 10-yard area. If you haven’t formed a team yet and are wanting to do so, teams are still being accepted. According to Manny Negron, 2012 Relay For Life chairman, there are 18 teams signed up at this point and the goal is set at 30. “Everyone has a reason to Relay,” Negron said. “Whether it’s for someone they know who has cancer, someone they have lost to cancer or just so another person hopefully doesn’t have to hear the word cancer. There are plenty of reasons.”There have been several new teams added this year, including groups from H-E-B in honor of Maurine Pittman, a team from Citizens Federal Credit Union and hopefully, a team from Martin County will be formed. There are a little more than 70 days before Relay takes place in Howard County, which is a month earlier than previous years. “This year we are having Relay a month earlier, which is cutting down our time to raise money, but there are plenty of fund-raisers going on,” Stewart said.