Thursday standoff ends with arrest

A Big Spring man was arrested Thursday after law enforcement officials say he allegedly pointed a handgun at an officer during an alcohol-fueled altercation in the 700 block of N.W. Eighth Street.Julian Jay Torres, 18, of 500.5 N.W. Seventh St., was arrested Thursday on charges of deadly conduct, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and resisting arrest, search or transportation.According to Sgt. Tony Everett, public information officer with the Big Spring Police Department, officers were called to the scene of the incident to find Torres allegedly waving a gun around.“It's one of those situations where the end-result could have been much worse,” Everett said. “The officer arrived on the scene to find Torres, who was intoxicated, waving a gun around. Just as the officer drove up and began getting out of his vehicle, Torres pointed the gun at a trash collector who was working through the neighborhood.”Everett said it was pointing the gun — which was later discovered to the be unloaded — at the trash collector that earned the Big Spring man the charge of deadly conduct.“The arresting officer established Torres was a convicted felon, which is why he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon,” he said. “And, as you can imagine, he wasn't too pleased with the idea of being arrested and resisted, earning him the third charge.”Everett said no injuries were reported as a result of the altercation, which was diffused in a matter of minutes.“The arrest went smoothly,” Everett said. “It could have been a lot uglier.”As for Torres' reason for pointing the vehicle at the trash colector, Everett said it was most likely a case of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.“The suspect was intoxicated and just waving the gun around,” Everett said. “Whether or not the gun was loaded, that's deadly conduct.”Torres was booked into the Howard County Jail at 4:10 p.m. Thursday, where he was waiting for his bond to be set this morning.