War and Webb: Hangar 25 program geared toward young people

Hangar 25 Air Museum is at it again – exposing youth to the area's history.For two hours — 10 a.m. until noon Saturday, March 16 — children between the ages of 5 and 12 will be able to learn about the Korean and Vietnam wars.The workshop, When Worst Comes to War: Korea and Vietnam at Webb AFB, offers insight into the lives of those stationed at Webb during two historic wars.“This is yet another wonderful, educational opportunity for Big Spring kids to learn about history and how it directly impacted people from Big Spring, Texas,” Museum Administrator Genevieve Stockburger said.During Webb's existance, many of the pilots who were stationed at the base found themselves involved in at least one of the wars, if not both.In addition to the history lesson, those attending the workshop will have a sneak peak at the newest exhibit, Webb AFB and a Warring Nation. The exhibit will officially be open at the end of March.“Through this exhibit we are hoping that people can gain a better understanding of a chaotic time in our nation’s history,” Stockburger said. “Of course, with all of our workshops, we will offer the kids some hands-on learning.”Part of the lesson will include the meaning behind helmet art. Students will then have an opportunity to take that knowledge and transfer it into the design of their own helmet.“We always try and reinforce what we teach at these workshops through some kind of hands-on craft. Telling a child a piece of history is important, but when they can have that lesson come to life and actually find a way to incorporate it in their own lives, there is a better chance of that lesson sticking in their memory,” Stockburger said.Registration is $5 per child and the deadline to register is March 8. To register your child in the Saturday workshop, stop by Hangar 25 at 1911 Apron Drive. To fill out a form or to receive more information, call 432-264-1999.