Warrant roundup coming Saturday

If you have unresolved warrants in the Crossroads area, you have plenty to fear this week and next, as law enforcement agencies in Howard County and the surrounding areas get ready to conduct a warrant roundup Saturday.Part of a statewide effort to help municipalities and other government agencies tackle the growing number of arrest warrants being issued, Big Spring Municipal Judge Tim Green said every effort has been made to contact those with warrants and get the matters cleared up before the handcuffs get slapped on.“We had letters sent out last week to those people who have warrants, so this shouldn't come as some big surprise,” Green said. “The simple truth of the matter is this: They can either take care of their fines and warrants in the time leading up to the warrants, or they can risk it and possibly end up with a pair of handcuffs snapped on them when Saturday rolls around.”Having already wrapped up their first week of dealing with the warning letters, Green said it's been hectic around the municipal court.“You basically don't see any of the employees without a phone to their ear, and that's from the time we come in until the time we leave,” Green said. “ It's really amazing how many warrants and fines we've been able to take care of since the letters went out earlier this week.“Monday alone we took in $10,000 in fines. Throughout the week, we've been able to collect approximately $40,000. Last year, from beginning to end, we collected about $70,000, so I'd say we're doing really well with this roundup.”Green said those with warrants can come in and pay their fines without fear of being arrested on site. However, those who aren't willing to pay their fines may find themselves in a much stickier situation.“If you come in and have the money to pay your fines, you don't have to worry about being arrested here in the office,” said Green. “However, if you're unable to clear up your fines, it's pretty likely you're going to end up behind bars. My advice is to get these matters taken care of as soon as humanly possible.”Green said the roundup is a collaborative effort between the Big Spring Police Department and the Howard County Sheriff's Office.For more information on the roundup, contact Municipal Court at 264-2531.