Washington Elementary pledges to erase meanness

Washington Elementary Principal Kari Eggleston stands with three of her students who are holding their Erase Meanness, Choose Kindness pledge cards. Students from left to right: Malori Lara, Tayla Rivera and Kenyon Miramontes.
Erin Stephens
Staff Writer

In 2014, Eric Johnson, elementary educator and blogger, created an organization called, “Erase Meanness, Choose Kindness”.
The idea came about back in 2012. Worried about his class' increasing meanness towards each other near the end of their school year, Eric went for a long bike ride. While on this ride, he thought up a week-long series of lessons to regain the kindness community amongst his students and shared the lessons on his blog. It took off pretty quickly.
In the same year, teachers and their students from around the world adapt these lessons in their classrooms. In 2013, “Erasing Meanness” (EM) reached it's 100,000th reader. The following year, EraseMeanness.org formed and launched a website.
Over 5,000 students participate in EM Pledge Day. By 2015, over 12,000 students participated in Erasing Meanness Week.

For the full story of how the kids at Washington Elementary are erasing meanness, please see Thursday's paper.