We need your ideas for Profiles 2011

The Herald is looking for a few good men ... and women. Make that a lot of good men and women. And make that not just good men and women, but interesting men and women.It's time again for our Profile edition, that four-section special paper in which we introduce our readers to some of the most interesting people in Howard County. Maybe they have an interesting job, a unique family situation or are on a mission to make their corner of the earth a better place. Perhaps they have a fascinating hobby, a collection of rare what-nots or just love helping others — and have been doing it for years.You know some of these people. They are your neighbor, your mom, your uncle, your best friend. You know they have a great story to tell — and maybe they'd be willing to tell it. We have several broad categories in Profile 2011. These include faith and courage, learning and leisure, health and fitness, and serving others and business.Actually, just about everybody fits into one of those categories and that's intentional. If the person you're thinking of is a marathon runner, that's health and fitness, but it could be leisure — or even courage. Or perhaps making it through such a challenging endeavor is an act of faith.You get the idea. And ideas are just what the Herald needs — your ideas and suggestions concerning people you believe other people would like to read about. It doesn't matter how young or old or what their faith or race is. However, it is important that they be willing to have a story written about them. And yes, you can certainly submit your own name. Who in the world knows better than you what a wonderful person you are!If you know of someone, send us a note telling us who they are, what you think makes them so interesting, and how we can get in touch with them.E-mail us at newsdesk@bigspringherald.com, send us a note to P.O. Box 1431 or drop it off at our office on the corner of Scurry and Eighth.Send us your ideas, Howard County!