West Texas VA honors Board-certified Nurses

(Courtesy photo) The photo above shows some of the nurses who were honored on Monday. From left to right are: Sudha Marri, Gloria Whitmire, Loy Long, Amy Miller, Les White, Katelin Lyons, Sharon Thomas and Treasa Wells. Not photographed, but still honored, are: Cynthia Schaffner, Shirlene Sulatan, Rebekah Friday and Olayemi (Cynthia) Akindele.
Marissa Loftin
Managing Editor

Every day, many lives are affected because of the care of certified nurses. On Monday, the West Texas VA Health Care System (WTVAHCS) took part in celebrating Certified Nurses Day, which takes place every year on March 19, and serves as a national day of recognition to honor the important achievement of nursing specialty, subspecialty and advanced practice certification.
The term board-certified indicates that the individual has gone to an outside entity and has acquired extra education and training pertaining to their profession, and has taken an outside examination and passed it.
Achieving a board-certification costs the individual a lot of extra time, money and energy on an already physically demanding job. So, this type of certification is a great accomplishment and shows their dedication to their profession.
WTVAHCS honored the ten board-certified nurses on it's staff for their dedication of their careers to helping others, their long and hard work, exceptional care and commitment to excellence. The board-certified nurses who received honors are as follows:
Olayemi (Cynthia) Akindele, FNP-BC; Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (Big Spring)
Tommy Box, RN; Psychiatric - Mental Health and Certified Case Manager (Abilene Community Based Outpatient Clinic)
Rebekah Friday, RN; Nurse Executive Advance (Big Spring)
Marjorie Harman, RN; Psychiatric - Mental Health (Permian Basin Community Based Outpatient Clinic)
Loy Long, FNP-BC; Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (Big Spring)
Katelin Lyons, RN; Wound Care (Big Spring)
Sudha Marri FNP-BC; Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (Big Spring)
Tonya McVay, RN; Medical – Surgical and Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (Abilene Community Based Outpatient Clinic)
Amy Miller, RN; Certified Case Manager (Big Spring)
Cynthia Schaffner, RN; Maternal Newborn Nursing (Big Spring)
Shirlene Sulatan, FNP-BC/PMHNP; Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified Primary Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Big Spring)
Sharon Thomas, RN; Nurse Executive (Big Spring)
Treasa Wells, RN; Wound Care and Diabetic Wound Care (Big Spring)
Les White, PhD RN FNP-BC; Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (Big Spring)
Gloria Whitmire BSN, RN CCM; Certified Case Manager (Big Spring)

“We are extremely, and I wish I could find a bigger word, proud of these nurses. They bring a great amount of pride to not only ourselves and to themselves, but also to the veterans,” said Registered Nurse and RN MSN Nurse Recruiter Nancy Creech, (a.k.a. “Mama Nancy”). “The fact that these nurses have done this, maintained it and taken it upon themselves to see their own personal growth shows their extra level of professionalism and how they are willing to go above and beyond. I know what it takes to get this certification, so it makes me so appreciative and so proud of them as if they were my own Children.”

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