Wildfire burns about 300 acres in Howard County

Staff Writer

bout 300 acres burned in a wildfire Saturday in south Howard County.
Howard County volunteer firefighters were called to a wildfire south of town around 6 p.m., according to Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan.
“There was a gentleman that was clearing off his property with a skid steer and he hit a guide wire on an electrical pole and when he hit that guide-wire it snapped the top of the pole and shorted out that primary wire - that 12,500 volt wire,” Sullivan said.
The fire occurred on Ratliff Road and headed toward Highway 87. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, around 20 acres were already ablaze. Sullivan said the winds and dry conditions helped to spread the fire quickly.
Five structures were at risk but firefighters were able to create a fire guard around them using dozers and maintainers, Sullivan said. Big Spring fire units were also called in to assist.
The fire eventually neared Highway 87 near the Hughes Road exit. As a safety precaution, Sullivan closed the east service road of the highway.
Firefighters stayed on the scene until about 2 a.m. Sunday. Sullivan said crews continued to monitor the area for flare-ups throughout the weekend.
Because of the very dry conditions created from high temperatures and little rain during the last few months, Sullivan said he will be recommending Howard County commissioners to enact a burn ban soon.