YMCA getting ready for new children’s program this fall

HERALD photo/Robert Barlow
Staff Writer

The YMCA was recently able to implement an educational and childcare program that has long been in the works, according to Dathan Jones, executive director for the YMCA; and it will hopefully help relieve some pressure for residents of Howard County.
“It’s a program we wanted to have at the Y for a long time, but we could never get the funding or the space to have it here,” said Jones.
SM Energy has been playing an active role in the community lately, and one of their most recent donations was in the form of a $5,000 check for the YMCA to help kickstart this new program.
Beyond the monetary donation, SM put in volunteer hours working on the program’s room at the YMCA.
Parents interested in enrolling their kids in the program can come up to the YMCA and speak with one of the staff for more details. Because the kids are not school age yet, they will need a current immunization record from their doctors and parents will need to fill out a child care application with the YMCA.