You are my hiding place

Psalm: 32:7 you are my hiding place; you shall preserve me from trouble; you shall compass me about with songs of deliverance. The lord has been giving me songs lately, songs of deliverance. This one says; I am so thirsty, I am so hungry, can no one satisfy me, can no one satisfy my thirst, no one but you lord. And that in itself is a good thing, to hunger for God, to thirst for Him, especially in the time we are living in, the uprising of Americans in America. Where freedom has lost its meaning, no longer can you preach against sin. Where hate laws defend sin, it’s backwards. America needs revival, needs to wake up, her men are in another country defending another man’s land, another man’s family, while foreigners are swarming in buying the land of the free. And now our guns want to be taken away leaving Americans defenseless, without protection, peaceful protestors are sprayed with mazed in front of millions. It’s times like these when I’m reminded of a scripture that says, where is he that loveth my soul?Also when those in authority either neglect or abuse their authority, America rates the highest in prison cells. America has more prisoners than any other country. Of course a lot would say I wouldn’t worry about it, but it’s not until it hits home that we find ourselves wanting to do something about it. FEMA the largest disease control base in Georgia state has half a million coffins, FEMA has concentration campsall over this country, trains, buses, trucks with machine guns, with bullet proof windows. Military preparing for martial law, America needs to wake up. F.D.A. Has already approved the microchip for 2012 with out it you can not buy or sale, America wake up, Christians of America, wake up it’s time to arm yourself with prayer, take on the full armor of God. Our children are God’s glory, Christians need not to lower there standards as there children get older, but set a standard of holiness. For without holiness we cannot see God. I heard a preacher say thank God for narrow minds. Yes for narrow is the road a few be there that find it. We need the mind of Christ, we need to think holy. Why do I say this it is because we are so involved in this world we are living in, caught up in our own personal problems we don’t even have time to see what is going on in this world we are living in and our families are the target. I pray as you read this today God too will be your hiding place in time of trouble. And be compassed about with songs of deliverance, defend our country, your church, your children, don’t underestimate the power of prayer. JoElle Ludington