City of Big Spring and Howard County officials were notified of forty-one (41) new positive COVID-19 test results for the week of August 24, 2020.  To date, Howard County and Big Spring have had a total of 267 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. The number of active cases went from 61 to 62; an increase of one (1) case from last week.  The total number of people recovered from COVID-19 also increased from 157 to 185 an increase of 28.

County and City officials continue to urge community members to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family members.  Please continue to practice social distancing, stay home when possible, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask while in public areas.  These are all things you can do to help prevent yourself and your loved ones from becoming ill from any respiratory illness including COVID-19.

Managing Editor

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