Big Spring Animal Shelter

The Big Spring Police Department posted the following press release, concerning the Big Spring Animal Shelter, on their Facebook page Tuesday morning:

"Effective immediately, the Big Spring Animal Shelter will no longer provide drop off kennels for public use. These kennels were provided for citizens to drop unwanted animals at the shelter outside of regular business hours. It is extremely difficult to provide the needed care for these animals, especially during extreme weather, when there are no Animal Control workers on duty. The City has also incurred additional expenses due to individuals cutting the safety lock securing the kennels in order to retrieve unprocessed animals that are of interest to them. Social media platforms, which were not available when the drop off kennels were constructed, provide an easy and more appropriate avenue to find homes for unwanted animals. We also know that an animal can have a much better chance of being adopted or rescued if information is able to be gathered from the person giving the animal up such as medical history, shot records, temperament of the animal, etc.

"The Big Spring Animal Shelter will continue to accept owner-released animals during normal business hours. Outside of business hours, citizens are encouraged to use other area rescue organizations and social media to rescue or re-home unwanted animals."

Contact the Big Spring Animal Shelter at (432) 264-2372 for more information.

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