On the 27th of September 2019 at approximately 12:14 A.M., the Howard County Sheriff's office dispatch received a call in regards to a suspicious incident that had already occurred at the Hwy 350 and IH-20 Shell station.  

An officer with the Big Spring Police Department contacted the female complainant by phone who who informed the officer of the suspicious incident. The female complainant felt that the activity could have been an attempt for some type of crime to occur to her and stated that she felt that another female who was on the premises of the Shell station pretended to have issues with her gas cap in order to have two other vehicles arrive to commit the unknown act.

Thankfully to good instincts by the female complainant and by being vigilant regarding her surroundings, she was able to leave the area unharmed and without an offense being committed.  

The Big Spring Police Department has obtained the surveillance video in regards to the incident which was of poor quality due to the distance of the vehicles and low light but we were able to substantiate the female callers story of helping another female with a gas cap issue when two other vehicles are seen meeting on the property. It was not able to be determined by the video if and what the intentions of the unknown female or the other occupants within the two vehicles were. The female caller is seen driving away from the area at 11:58 P.M., on the 26th of September 2019, followed shortly by the female who had a gas cap issue. After approximately 1 minute had passed the other two suspicious vehicles departed the area.  

The Big Spring Police Department also listened to the digital audio recording by the officer who called the female complainant. The recording indicated the female complainant informed the officer of the allegation. The officer requested information from the female caller and the call ended. No further information was exchanged between the officer and the female caller.  

The Big Spring Police Department reminds anyone traveling alone at night to be aware of your surroundings and to stop only in well lit populated areas.

Managing Editor

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