burn ban

The burn ban has been extended for another 90 days by the Howard County Commissioners, during the first regular meeting of County Commissioners.

"Hopefully, we will get some rain or by late February, early March, I think the potential for large wildfires will greatly increase," Hooper said. 

The burn ban has been extended and burning is not allowed in Howard County or inside city limits. The ban includes burn barrels not protected, brush clearing and other open flames are not allowed while the burn ban is in place. 

"For those needing to use burn barrels, barrels must have a grate with small holes on top and the wind can not be above 15 mph when burning," Hooper said. "An area between three and five feet needs to be cleared to the dirt around the barrel and can not be burned during a red flag warning." 

For more safety tips on how to create a defensible space around homes, visit the Howard County Volunteer Fire Department Facebook Page. 

Managing Editor

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