An illegal voting charge has been handed down in Howard County. Isabel Calderon, 46, of Big Spring has been charged with the offense.

The Howard County Sheriff Office issued the following media release regarding the illegal voting charge. The statement reads as follows:

On 03-13-20, Ranger Tod Reed was requested to assist Howard County SO with an Illegal Voting investigation.

The complete investigation was turned over to Ranger Reed due to the conflict of Sheriff Stan Parker being on the Election Ballot in the current election. Ranger Reed learned that Howard County was contacted by the Secretary of State Elections Division in reference to the suspect identified as Isabel Calderon, 46 years of age, having duplicate ballots issued.

According to records received, Calderon voted in the early voting for the primary election and once again in the primary election. Ranger Reed conducted an interview with Calderon who confessed to voting twice in the 2020 primary election. An arrest warrant was issued for Calderon who was arrested and formally charged with Illegal Voting.

The Big Spring Herald has been reaching out to several sources and will have a more complete story in the Thursday edition of the Big Spring Herald. 

Managing Editor

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