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If you are seeking a few more chills before this year’s Halloween season is over, head down to Coahoma High School on Saturday for a few last minute spine-tingling scares.

The CHS theater department is hosting “The Coahoma Picture Show” Haunted House filled with recreated scenes from six of some of the scariest movies to hit the silver screen.

“We had an option to do a Christmas play or fall production, so we decided to do a haunted house,” said Jaurdin Scammel, CHS theater teacher. “It tied in well because we needed a fundraiser to help with the cost to attend a large theater festival.”

The three-day festival will be held in late November in Dallas and will provide a number of learning opportunities for the students who attend. 

“It’s a huge festival,” Scammel explained. “Our kids get to go to workshops to learn make up, costume design, and in general, how to make our theater program stronger. We get to see theater productions from people who have won state contests. It’s going to be super cool for the kids.”

The Haunted House will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the CHS old gymnasium. Tickets are $5 each. The recommended age group for this event is junior high students and older.

“It is family-friendly, but it is still  a haunted house,” Scammel warned. “There is not going to be a blood or gore, but there will be scary jump outs and more.”

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