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The City of Big Spring announced a drawing for placement on the upcoming special election ballot. The drawing will take place Thursday at 4 p.m. at City Hall. The drawing will take place in the City Secretaries Office, located at 310 Nolan Street. The drawing is open to the public and those wishing to watch the drawing are welcome. In keeping with the safety recommendations social distancing should be practiced and masks are recommended.

According to the City Secretaries Office, two candidates have filed for each open seat on the City Council. The seats became open with the successful recalls of former District 5 Councilwoman Camilla Strande and former District 6 Councilman Jim DePauw.

For District 5 seat on City Council, candidates will be Daniel Moreno and Troy Tompkins. For District 6 seat on City Council the two candidates will be Maury Smith and Casey Pledger.

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