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There has been a lot of discussion regarding the roll-out waste containers and why the City is moving from the 3-yard dumpsters in the alley to front yard roll-out containers. We would like to explain the City’s position and why this conversion is necessary. City Staff and City Council take the city budget very seriously and the main reason for the conversion to roll-out containers is so that we are not forced to increase rates.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The City can purchase ten roll-out containers for the cost of one 3-yard metal dumpster. As the price of metal increases, so does the price of the metal dumpster. Four roll-out containers are equivalent to one metal 3-yard dumpster. We can service four families with the same waste capacity without having to increase the cost of our sanitation service.

  2. The roll-out containers help with the prevention of illegal dumping. You do not have to share a container with your neighbors or with the folks that are running up the alleys dumping illegally; you can manage your own waste. This in turn frees up our Code Enforcement Officers from having to spend time and resources on investigating illegal dumping.

  3. Roll-out containers are much lighter than metal dumpsters and this results in less wear and tear on the equipment. This saves on maintenance and repairs on the vehicles and containers.

  4. The sanitation vehicle used to lift metal dumpsters is becoming obsolete. If we continue to use metal dumpsters, the sanitation truck becomes a special order which ends up being much more expensive than the truck that lifts the roll-outs.

  5. The sanitation trucks going down some of the alleys can be damaged because some of the alleys are narrow and have low hanging power/phone/cable lines, gas meters etc. Use of roll- outs alleviates unnecessary repairs to damage caused by going down alleys.

Roll-outs have been used in different areas of the City for several years. They have achieved the goal of reducing costs and keeping rates from having to be increased for residents. Please be assured that we do have the best interest of the citizens of Big Spring in mind and cost savings is most important.

Managing Editor

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