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Community, love, respect, and unity seemed to be the common thread between those who spoke at Tuesday's City Council meeting and the messages extended from City Council members. 

While many viewpoints were expressed Tuesday evening, each was spoken from the heart and with the common goal of having Big Spring - as a community - do better. Many who spoke expressed the desire to join together to make all citizens know they matter, are respected, and are a vital part of the community. 

After about 2 hours of community discussion regarding the recent protests, painting of the Benton Street Bridge, and the recent death of George Floyd, the Big Spring City Council passed the first reading of a Resolution reaffirming its policies regarding police procedures, issuing an official statement, providing an effective date. To show unity, the Resolution was signed by all City Council members. 

Other routine agenda items were also approved including vouchers and previous meeting minutes. The City Manager also provided an update on the Aquatic Center opening - set for June 16 - and the upcoming District 6 Large Item Pick Up. 

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