The Associated Press named Joe Biden, Democratic candidates, as the President Elect in the 2020 Presidential Race, early Saturday. 

After four days of counting votes, Biden claimed victory in Pennsylvania earning him 20 Electoral Votes and the lead to claim the election. A candidate needed 270 Electoral Votes and with the announcement of majority vote in Biden's favor in Pennsylvania the unofficial announcement was made. 

After the announcement was made, Congressman Jodey Arrington - U.S. House of Representative serving the 19th Congressional District of Texas , who was also recently re-elected in the 2020 Elections - issued a statement regarding the announcement. 

“As much as the country would like to move on from this election, it would be unwise to accept any outcome before recounts are final and it has been examined by the courts and determined to be fair and accurate,” said Arrington.

“Anything less will only further divide our nation, disenfranchise millions of voters, cast doubt on the integrity of our elections, and discredit and debilitate whomever occupies the Oval Office. 

“Peacefully and patiently letting this process run its course and then accepting any final legal outcome is both wise and patriotic.”


Managing Editor

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