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Scenic Mountain Medical Center and Scenic Mountain Medical Group providers have tested 2,383 patients for Covid-19. Of those tests four are currently pending, 637 returned positive for an overall positivity rate of 26.8% since the onset of the pandemic. The percentage does not include tests pending.

For the month of December, 447 tests have been conducted and four of those are pending. There are 127 tests that returned positive for a positivity rate of 28.7%.

At Scenic Mountain Medical Center there are 17 Covid-19 patients in house and three of them are in ICU with three of them on vents.

Howard County has 2,414 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 1,369 probable cases, as of Dec. 22. There have been 54 fatalities related to the virus. Currently there are 352 active cases. There have been 3,377 recovered from the Covid-19 virus.

Antibody treatments for the virus arrived a couple weeks ago at Scenic Mountain Medical Center. Vaccines arrived Monday and distribution to the medical staff and providers began today. According to a press release issued by Scenic Mountain Medical Center, Dr. Joseph Chavez, Pediatrician with SMMG, was the first to receive the vaccine.

All employee vaccinations were received voluntarily and there are 30 more scheduled to receive the vaccine on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Vaccines also arrived earlier this week in Midland and began to be distributed to healthcare workers there.

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