On the 25th of March 2020 the Mayor and Emergency Management staff met with management of our local grocery stores. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss their current and foreseeable challenges and to see if there was anything the City of Big Spring could do to help.

We heard directly from grocery stores management that there is absolutely no shortage of the supplies our citizens are purchasing and there is no problem with the supply chain. The current shortage on the shelves is directly related to our citizens “panic” buying. The grocery stores believe if they could get 5-6 days of “normal” shopping this would help them get caught up with stocking the shelves. Each of the grocery stores have taken proactive steps in an attempt to deter hoarding.

We ask that our citizens are respectful of their decisions as the attention is on the citizens as a whole and not any one individual. Please help Big Spring and stop PANIC buying.

Managing Editor

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