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Forsan school board members met Monday evening in a special meeting to discuss the option of discontinuing synchronous and asynchronous learning.

After discussion surrounding health data and academic data, the board decided to limit the use of virtual learning and have students return to the classroom.

"With the virtual learning we aren't able to tell where the students truly are academically, and being nine weeks in to the school year we should be able to tell where the students are at academically," Forsan Superintendent Randy Johnson said. “As educators we need to know what they are getting, their strengths and weaknesses so we can go back and build up those areas that are weak.”

After almost an hour of discussion, in a unanimous vote, the school board decided to eliminate virtual learning for students except for those who have been in close contact with (the virus) or have a medical need. Over the next few days school officials will be reaching out to those taking part in Virtual learning – around 30 students - currently. Students will be required to return to the classroom on Oct. 19 if a doctor's note is not obtained.

Over the next couple of days those involved in virtual learning will be contacted by Forsan Administration. More information will be released by the district in the next day or so.

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