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On Friday, Forsan ISD issued an athletic event attendance update. With the new social distancing requirements and limitations on crowd sizes, Forsan ISD - along with other schools in the district - have set up new processes for those planning to attend athletic events.

The information provided from Forsan ISD, read as follows:

As you know, the Governor's Executive Order requires that we only allow attendance at athletic events at the 50% capacity mark.  You will find that every other row of seats have blue tape on them for volleyball and football.  Fans are asked to not sit on those rows.  Be aware that each home school has to set their own rules so watch for rules from schools that we travel to as visitors.

We are anticipating that we can seat all the normal fans in the open seats for all volleyball matches and all sub-varsity (Jr High, JV) football.  So entrance into those games will be the same as any other year when playing in Forsan (unless there is a rule change or we find out that the crowds are larger than anticipated).


Varsity football and basketball will be different.  We will learn more and make adjustments before we announce the guidelines for basketball. Stay tuned.  We are currently looking at an on-line ticket purchasing process but we will work through that later.


So, varsity football home entrance will require a ticket for entrance for all home fans.  The exceptions to that are the players, band, cheerleaders, chain gang, managers, announcers, officials, football coaches,and administrators who are considered participants in one way or another.

The home ticket sales will take place prior to the game (no at-the-gate sales).  We are working to make sure that the families of the participants have the first chance to get tickets. Tickets will be sold at the secondary campus prior to the start of the school day and during lunch. The following schedule will be followed for who is able to purchase and when ...

Monday:  Football players (max of 4 tickets), Band, cheerleaders, managers (max of 2 tickets. (This day should take care of the families of participants.)

Tuesday:  FISD staff (your pass takes care of the cost but you still need a ticket so we can track 50% capacity), High School students who are not participants(max 1 ticket)

Wednesday:  Junior High students (through lunch time)

Thursday and Friday:  Any tickets that are remaining may be purchased through the high school office by the general public.

Ticket prices are the same as previous years:  $5 for adults and $3 for students. (Even an infant needs a ticket even if it is free so we can track 50% capacity.)

Parents:  send money with your child on the assigned day.  It is critical that participants have the chance on Monday to buy the tickets that they want for their families.  There is a max per student.


We have used standing-room to help us determine capacity which means that a ticket may not equate to a seat.  So, come early for a seat.  The gates will open one hour prior to the start of the game.

In case you get questions from the visiting team fans ... we will send their school "vouchers' for the number of seats available on their side.  They must have a voucher in order to purchase a ticket at our visitor's gate (new location on the east side of the old field house).  How their school distributes their vouchers is up to their school so they need to stay in touch with them (Post, Stanton, ...) rather than us.  I suspect that we will be using vouchers for many games when we are visitors later this season.

There will be a social media release of this information but feel free to pass the word.  We certainly will not be set up to sell tickets at the gate which means that people may have to be turned away if they don't get this message.  We don't want that to happen.

Stay tuned as rules may change from week to week.

Managing Editor

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