Highland Animal Hospital

A special message from Highland Animal Hospital:

Dear Valued Clients,

As we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 issue, the health of our clients and staff are now a top priority. Under the recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association, we are implementing the following procedures:


      Please call ahead so that we can have them ready for you. Call us when you arrive

      at the clinic and we will gladly deliver them to your vehicle and take your payment in for

      for you.


 2) APPOINTMENTS: Please call us once you arrive at the clinic at your scheduled time and

      we will check you in, then when an exam room is available a member of our staff will

      come to your car and either:

      A) take you and your pet directly to the exam room or  

      B)you are welcome to wait in the car while your pet is examined by the doctor, and he

           will call you to discuss recommended treatments and procedures, and when we are

           finished, the staff member will return your animal to you and take payment for the

           services rendered in for you.

  3) SURGERIES AND DROP OFFS-- Please call us once you arrive at the clinic, a member

      of our staff will bring out the necessary consent forms for you to sign and then take your

      pet into the clinic for you. You will be called by the doctor or staff with updates and times

      to pick up your pet. When you arrive back for pickup, please call us and a member of the

      staff will come to your car with your pet and take payment for services rendered.

  4) IF YOU ARE SICK: Please stay at home, call us and we can advise or treat you pet

      thru telemedicine if possible.

We know that these are difficult times and we feel like this is a way that we can practice

social distancing and still take excellent care of your pets health!!!

Managing Editor

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