Highland parade

The Fourth of July kicked off with the traditional Highland Parade. Spectators lined the streets to watch as the patriotic themed wagons, bicycles,  golf cars and more passed by.  

Highland South Award winners:

Wagons: 1st place #209 - “Red, White, and Cute”

Golf Carts: 1st place #703 - the Beall Family, 2nd place #701 - the McKinnan Family, 3rd place #707 - the Mireles family

Bikes (1-7): 1st place #803 Bronx Osborne, 2nd place #805 - Legend McKinnan

Bikes (8+): 1st place #912 - Layne Hataway, 2nd place -#906 Zane Folsom, 3rd place #904 -Josh Dials

Hoverboards: tie for 1st #1114 and #1115 - Autumn and Brennan Wash

4-Wheelers (18+): 1st place #1310 - the Segundo Family, 2nd place #1303 -Katelynn Garcia

Pets: 1st place #409 - Renee Beall, 2nd place #408 Brookslie Webb

Houses: 1st place: 704 Caprock Dr, 2nd place: 1100 Highland Drive, 3rd place: 3102 Mountain Shadow Dr.

Mailboxes: 1st place: 901 Highland Dr, 2nd place: 3100 Mountain Drive Ave., 3rd place: 703 Scott Drive

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