Showing support

Highland residents are joining together to make sure American soldiers know they are not forgotten, as the attacks in Afghanistan continue. Several homeowners have joined together, more specifically, to honor the 13 soldiers who recently lost their lives in one of the first Kabul Airport attacks.

“A resident, Tara Bradshaw, posted a photo of 13 flags, in our neighborhood Facebook page, which prompted others to join in,” Laurie Churchwell, Highland resident, said.

As the nation continues to be in turmoil and Sept. 11, now less than 13 days away, Churchwell would like to see this neighborhood show of apprecition expand not only across Big Spring and Howard County, but across the state and possibly the nation.

“I initiated #13flagsfor13days hoping to stimulate interest that reaches beyond our neighborhood,” she said. “Wouldn't it be great if the hashtag spread across the nation in time for Sept. 11!” Churchwell continued, “Our neighborhood has always been very patriotic so it made sense to display our support of our troops and nation at this time. With technology our world has become smaller. Most people know someone or an acquaintance affected by tragic world events. While sending thoughts and prayers are appreciated a visual show of community support at the grassroots is beneficial as well.”

If you want to join in the effort, place your flags outside your residence or business. Feel free to share your photo with us on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #13flagsfor13days

Managing Editor

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