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Hotel Settles will be offering a special presentation this evening from 4 pm to 7 pm, with light refreshments. The video will show what to do in case of a mass shooting situation. The community is invited to attend . Here are a few of the areas discussed in the video: 

What to do in case of mass shooting event:

Do NOT do the following

Don’t be hero to overtake a shooter especially if you are UNARMED.

Do not antagonize the shooter by arguing, cussing or talking to him/her.

Do not spread rumors and keep in control of yourself and surroundings.

If you are not in direct target range of the shooter, RUN towards safe zone.

DO NOT run towards the shooter or leave your position in panic.

Stay still and quietly find a safe space within your area and keep yourself aware of the situation. In case you are in an office or school, do NOT try to hide under the tables/desks as that’s where mass shooters look to shoot first.

Do the following;

Keep doors locked to the employee area all the time.

Shut down all entrances/exits. Save yourself first.

Follow management’s instructions and do not panic.

If you are in an office, school or a room, Barricade doors, observe silence.

be aware and remember entrances and exits when entering a public place.

Look out for suspicious actors, for instance someone wearing a winter coat in summer, might be an indication of the shooter hiding an assault rifle for mass shooting. Stay away and call authorities. Mass shooters can be any race, religion or ethnic group or gender.

Get away from the kill zone- If you are in shooting range area, do not sit still, move away. Moving target is much harder than a sitting duck.

If the gunman/woman is a higher level than you, move away as fast as you can. Do not sit or hide at the same level and remember the entrance and exits to visualize as that’s where the shooter can come closer to you.  

If you find concrete wall or a structure that can withstand bullets and you are unable to escape, stand behind it instead of coming in shooter’s range. Escaping and fleeing increases chances of survival.

Always keep in mind that a mass shooting can take place anywhere, on the road, malls, schools, stadiums, concerts, offices, churches, beaches and even at the state parks- be vigilant and observe people and your surroundings. If you develop a suspicion of someone and can safely talk to the police authorities on site, be discrete, factual and responsible in describing the situation and person’s identity, i.e., weight, height, body structure, clothing, looks etc.  

Be safe first- save others by leading them to safety (only if you can) once in safe zone, do not attempt to go back to the kill zone and let authorities handle take a control of the situation. Do NOT be in the way of the authorities in action.

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