It was brought to the attention of the Big Spring Herald that there may have been ballots from the General Election held on November 3, 2020 that did not make it into the Unofficial counts recently released by the Howard County Elections Office. It is important to note, the numbers from the election are not official until they have been canvassed by local entities and certified by the State of Texas.

The Big Spring Herald reached out to the Howard County Elections Administrator Jodi Duck and her response to the uncounted ballots existing is as follows:

“During the continuation of counting ballots I realized that I had not downloaded the USB’s from the two curbside machines from early voting.  In order to do so, I requested a court order from the District Judge in order to show accountability and transparency. The order was signed by Judge Yeats on Monday where he scheduled the machines to be tabulated at 2:00pm this Thursday.  All vote totals are unofficial until they are canvassed by the entities and they have been notified of the remaining ballots. The ballot board has finished processing the outstanding  provisional, ballot by mail, and FPCA ballots so the only remaining votes are the two DRE machines. I do encourage any candidate that would like to be present for the updated count to be at the courthouse at 2:00 and if they would like to witness the boxes being opened to complete the poll watcher paperwork available in my office. The reports I will have available are still unofficial until the entities canvass the election,” Duck said.

She continued, “I do appreciate your help getting the word out that the election is still unofficial and a few local offices are still undecided.”

Managing Editor

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