We wish to inform the public of Howard County of new precautions being taken in the Howard County Offices including: 

• Howard County Courthouse

• Howard County Annex Building

• 118th District Courthouse

• Howard County Library

Beginning March 23rd all doors into the Howard County Courthouse will be locked with the exception of the west side door (off of Scurry Street). All visitors and employees must use the west side entrance, where they will be given a pre-screening questionnaire.

Only individuals who have successfully completed the pre-screening form and have specific business in the courthouse will be allowed to enter. Additional persons will not be allowed to enter, unless it can be shown that those persons are necessary to the specific business for entering the courthouse and can successfully complete the questionnaire.

Once entering the courthouse, loitering in the halls or offices will not be allowed. If you have questions regarding any services or need assistance, please call in advance.

If you have business with the following offices, please call them directly: 

-County Clerk 264-2213 - District Clerk 264-2223

-County Attorney 264-2205 - District Attorney 264-2220

-County Judge 264-2202 - District Judge 264-2225

Until further notice, no one will be allowed to conduct research in the Howard County Clerk’s Office. Please use the online search tools found at

There will be no jury trials for County Court, District Court, Justice of the Peace Court, and Municipal court until further notice.

The Howard County Library will be closed to the public until further notice. There will not be any late fee charges.

The County Tax Assessor’s office will be open for limited business. All vehicle registrations must be mailed or completed online. Property tax payments must be mailed. All dealerships will have access to a drop box for title work of vehicles.

Road and Bridge, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Howard County Jail will all be in full operation, but visitors will not be allowed. 

All other offices at the Howard County Courthouse will be open to the public after completing the pre-screening questionnaire. However, we encourage everyone to complete their business over the phone or online before coming to the courthouse.

Adult Probation and Juvenile Probation visitors will be given a pre-screening questionnaire.

It is our effort thru the above processes and procedures to protect the public as well as the employees of Howard County while still providing necessary services. It is our hope that each of you will assist us in our attempt to provide a balance of protection and services to the best of our ability. 

We are happy to help you over the phone:

County Clerk 264-2213 District Clerk 264-2223

County Attorney 264-2205 District Attorney 264-2220

County Judge 264-2202 District Judge 264-2225

Election’s Office 264-2273 Adult Probation 264-2245

JP 1-1 (Griffin) 264-2226 Juvenile Probation 264-2240

JP 1-2 (Fitzgibbons) 264-2228  

Tax Assess/Collector 264-2232

Welfare/Indigent 264-2219 Tax Appraisal 263-8301

For more information contact: 

Kathryn G. Wiseman, County Judge


Managing Editor

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