On June 23, 2020, the City of Big Spring and Howard County officials were notified of four new positive tests result for COVID-19. The individuals are isolating at home and are currently exhibiting mild symptoms. These new cases have been determined to be community spread. 

The affected individuals are:  19-year-old male

                                                 9-year-old female

                                                60-year-old male

                                                27-year-old male 

These are the 27th through 30th cases of COVID-19 in Big Spring/Howard County.  We now have thirty confirmed positives in Big Spring and Howard County to date and 16 active cases.

Officials want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of continuing to take proper precautions against the spread of respiratory illness. COVID-19 remains a major concern in our community and we urge citizens to wash their hands, wear a mask, social distance and avoid travel when possible. 

Managing Editor

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