A recall petition was filed, on Wednesday, July 29 for Big Spring Mayor Shannon Thomason. According to the paperwork, the petition was filed by Linda Burchett, a Big Spring resident.

The petition for recall was submitted on the following grounds: “Dereliction of duty, threatening City personnel, cussing at city personnel”

In a letter to the City Secretary, Don Moore, Burchett also cited that the Mayor has threatened her business permits in retaliation for a family member filing a lawsuit against the City. The Mayor obstructed council members on Dec. 16 and April 3 the ability to seek legal advice on a legal matter with a proposed ordinance when new information was brought to the council in a meeting. In addition, the letter goes on to state;

“The Mayor personally rented the pavilion after he signed an emergency declaration closing all parks and pavilions and then allowed people to use it for a protest during the shut down.”

From the time Burchett turned in the paperwork for the recall petition there are 30 days for signatures to be collected. According to figures provided by the Howard County Election's Office, 35% of those who voted in the last election for that position - which was 2,135 - is the amount of signatures that are needed for the petition. At those figures, and to allow for a cushion, there are 850 signatures needed. In order for signatures to count, those signing must be a registered voter in Big Spring and not in suspense. You must be registered a minimum of 30 days prior to signing petition. 

Managing Editor

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